Raj Gurm CEO | President

“Climate change is here.  We have to eliminate Greenhouse Gas emissions for the future of our children and our planet.  I believe that solar energy is the solution the world needs.  Over the past twenty years I have worked in the industry and have watched the innovations in solar cell and battery technology move us towards the point we are today where solar panel installations and energy storage are viable economic and environmentally sound investments.  I want our company, Futricity Solar, to be at the forefront of creating the next generation in solar energy technology and a trusted leader in installations, maintenance and repair of solar panels.” 

Raj Gurm, President & CEO of Futricity Solar Inc

As CEO & President of Futricity Solar Inc, Raj is responsible and accountable for the following:

  • Creation of our strategic plan and implementation of that plan within the context of our stated mission and vision.
  • Our leader who directs our growth and expansion especially our R&D division which will lean heavily on his industry connections and reputation for excellence. 
  • Building our footprint across Canada and hiring the quality people to move our company forward is a key responsibility of his.
  • We are a dynamic, flexible company that believes in educating and growing the skills of our employees: this vision comes from Raj’s experience as a manager and mentor.  We believe in investing in our people.

Raj has over 20 years in founding, leading, and operating businesses in a variety of sectors. He has significant experience as a chief executive officer of both private and public companies and has taken several companies public.  Raj graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of British Columbia, where he also subsequently pursued post-graduate studies and research.  Academia failed to engage Raj’s insatiable need to create and build, something he has discovered in business and development.

He founded BR International Marketing (1985), an importer and distributor of consumer goods in Canada. In 1989 he also became an independent buyer for J. Jetterson & Associates, a distributor of consumer goods to large chains stores in the United States. In 1995 he founded Xanatel Communications, a development stage mobile telecom company in Canada, which was later sold to a public company. From 1997 to 2007 he founded and operated a manufacturer of chemical products, including some compounds based on his own formulations. In 2008 Raj founded a business within P2 Solar, Inc. to pursue solar PV project development opportunities in India. P2 Solar Developed a number of projects in India and is still active in that country.   Having sold his interests in P2, Raj has set his sights on creating solutions for Canada: building within the industry a superior quality solar energy company.