Bali Randhawa | COO

“My role in Futricity Solar as making our Vision and our Mission a reality.  There’s an aspect of solar energy that people rarely talk about: safety.  How much time, money and energy is put into keeping fossil fuel and nuclear energy plants safe.  Even wind turbines and hydro energy have significant safety concerns.  There are no safety concerns with solar energy and when we develop our turn key solar energy system that will allow even remote communities in Canada to simply plug and go, I will feel like we at Futricity Solar have truly impacted our world in a measurable and amazing way.  That’s my job.  To make our vision, and our mission a reality.” 

Bali Randhawa, Chief Operating Officer

Our Chief Operating Officer is accountable and responsible for:

  • Creating, implementing and overseeing our business strategy, plans and procedures
  • Evaluating our performance, goals and growth: analyzing and interpreting our data and metrics
  • Focused on our expansion and penetration of key markets, exposure to stakeholders and increase our geographic footprint
  • Establish and promote, mentor where needed, our company culture and vision across the board

Bali Randhawa joined P2 in July 2010 as Chief Operating Officer.  During his time with P2 he has been responsible for developing solar PV project opportunities in India and undertaking due diligence on the solar and hydro opportunities.  A significant portion of his tenure to date has been spent on the ground, working with our local associates to review the solar PV market and to undertake due diligence on various projects.

Bali has nearly 10 years’ experience in alternative energy and green tech development.  Prior to P2, he founded Trivandrum India Equity Fund (“TrivCap”), built around a top 5 ranked Lipper Awards Indian portfolio manager and a highly-rated analyst team. This hedge Fund started as a partnership with one of India’s largest financial institutions, Canara Bank, and had a highly rated pedigree, with KPMG, HSBC and Deutsche Bank as service providers – unique for a startup fund.

From 2000-2004, Bali was an Associate, and then Senior Associate, for Ziff Brothers Investments, one of the world’s largest family investment companies, based in New York. At Ziff he was responsible for assessing investments across the energy, technology and other sectors, with a focus on Western Europe. A significant amount of his time was also devoted to FSU and eastern European energy markets and special investment projects directly for the family.