TRUST each of our founders has built a reputation for ethical, trustworthy service in their field

PARTNERSHIPS we invest in building strong relationships with key industry specialists

COMMUNICATION vital to our successes is our ability to effectively and authentically connect with our partners, existing & future customers, political influencers

CUSTOMER CARE building the premier name in solar installations and the aftercare of our customers

STRONG FINANCIAL COMPETENCE focused on our own cash flow needs, balance sheet & the return for our investors, and seeking out financial incentives for our customers to facilitate their investment in solar

FOREFRONT OF TECHNOLOGY we have the connections, we are listening carefully globally & locally

ADVOCACY creating more opportunities for BC Families to invest in solar by bringing issues to the attention of BC Political Leaders

ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE it is what drives us to be the best there is


We believe that solar energy is the future of electricity and our vision is to provide trusted installation services, create the next generation solar cell and electricity storage technology.  We hope to inspire others in the industry and implement solutions to combat the environmental crisis our planet faces.  Trusted, professional service providers known for our integrity and leadership.


Our mission is to provide superior quality solar panel installation, maintenance and repair services to homes, businesses, industry and not-for-profit organizations.  We will create the next technology for the solar energy industry and by doing so, create a better tomorrow for all of us.  One of the first objectives for our R&D division will be to create a turn key solar energy solution that can be delivered and installed with ease to remote Canadian communities and will have worldwide applications. We are dedicated to building the industry in Canada, inspiring others and sharing our passion for solar energy.


One of the greatest business opportunities in Canada today is the shift towards clean growth. Our team has 20 years combined experience in solar, interwoven with decades of success in engineering, business, banking and accounting. We know that Canada, and especially BC, is serious when it comes to moving to energy self sufficient buildings. Commercial and residential buildings contribute 17% approx. of Canada’s GHG (Greenhouse Gas emissions). From 2008-18 Australia saw an exponential growth to the point that now 1 in 5 homes is powered by solar.

We have identified the motivating self-interests in our target clientbase which differ from Australians who were predominantly focused on saving money, we found that they care a lot about their ecological footprint: investing in solar is not only economically important to our customers but ethically and ecologically crucial. Knowing this we are focused on giving our customers what they want and advocating with our political leaders for the incentives that will make this the right choice for their families and businesses.

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