Our founding partners have a long successful history of bringing start-ups to market, we are confident that we have created the right framework with the right key personnel in place to make this a lucrative venture for all investors.

The potential for solar expansion in BC is vast. We are working hard at creating solid partnerships with industry specialists. Our Vision & Mission are clearly established, as is our individual reputations for trustworthy innovative initiatives. If you wish to be part of the this exciting industry, contact us to know more. Contact Us

Why invest in Futricity Solar?

Our people, first and most importantly. They encompass vast industry experience from Science, Electrical Engineering, Commerce, Banking, Finance, Accounting, Corporate Administration… check out their bios. Who Are We?

We are macro as well as micro planners. Providing a premier and preferred Solar Installation business to BC, followed by Western Canada, requires a methodical process driven management effort. We require working capital to allow us to buy in bulk from our carefully chosen suppliers which will allow us to reduce our costs significantly. Careful hiring and training practices are equally important.

So is keeping an eye on the regulatory environment we operate in. Highighting the issues and advocating directly with all levels of government to effect industry wide change. We actively connect and provide feedback on where we think there are gaps or failings in policy.

Grants, incentives and funding opportunities allow us to move forward more quickly. To ensure our potential customers, partners and investors do not miss out, we keep a close eye on all government led initiatives and funding streams.

We are members of CANSIA and are keen to see their industry wide standards implemented in BC and Western Canada.

Germany vs Canada

Germany produces 5.9% of its energy from Solar. That’s 41.3 Gigawatts of installed capacity with over 1.58 million solar power systems installed. 1.53 Gigawatt new installed capacity in 2016, representing Euro 1.58 billion investments in NEW solar systems.

Understanding the Canadian Political & Corporate Environment for the future of Solar

Commitments to power 100% of operations with renewable electricity are fast becoming the gold standard for corporate social responsibility, in corporations & all levels of government.

There is an emerging potential & opportunities for the solar industry to engage in new service areas. We can meet future demand for emerging technologies: battery storage & electric vehicles charging infrastructure installation. Storage paired solar has the potential to be the next BIG thing.

It costs $2.60 to produce a Watt using Solar installed by us in BC.   A $15,000 Solar Installation for a 5 kwp standard household rooftop system is within 15% of BC Hydro rates and this assumes no more BC Hydro rate increases over the 25 year life of a household solar pv system.

BCUC already approved an 8.1% increase over next 5 yrs!

Our R&D will be launched at the end of 2019, we will protect our intellectual assets but we can tell you that we are confident that we will solve some of the key issues facing the industry in storage, cell efficiency and the environmental impact of solar cell production.

For more details and a copy of our executive summary, business plan and financial projections please contact us. We look forward to working with you to create the premier Solar Installation & R&D company in Canada.

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