Our founders have over 20 years collective experience in the Solar Energy industry. All four founders are dedicated to being part of the solution not only in combating GHG emissions but in providing everybody with the ability to live off the grid and stress free. Why stress free? In BC, we have seen that BC Hydro have been given permission to hike rates by 8.1% over the next 5 years. Site C, BC Hydro’s new hydro power plant, is running well over budget and is going to be producing electricity to the province at 12.5 cents/KWH compared to Alberta’s recent reverse solar pv auction which came in at 4.5 cents/KWH. That cost is going to be passed down to the BC Electricity consumer. There’s never been a better time to go solar.

We offer the following services through our Solar Panel Installation, Maintenance and Repair division:

  • Sale and distribution of solar panels and accessories
  • Servicing, maintenance and repair of solar panels
  • Roof mounted panel installation
  • Solar tracking panel installation
  • Ground mounted panel installation
  • Fixed rack panel installation
  • Monitoring services
  • Other related solar panel installation, maintenance and repair services

When considering whether or not you should go solar these are some of the frequent questions we are asked.

How do I get a quote for solar?

Solar is a remarkably simple product and we aim to make it hassle free. For an initial quote, without a site visit, we will need the address you want the solar installed and your latest BC Hydro bill (just the amount not the bill itself).

Why do you need to know how much I pay BC Hydro?

BC Hydro will credit your account for electricity you produce during the summer months, but they won’t credit you above your historical annual electricity consumption. (This is a result of a few solar farms popping up in previous years generating electricity for profit.) You can put as many solar panels on your property as you wish, we can provide you with energy storage options BUT we have to make you aware of what you will or will not be credited for by BC Hydro.

How heavy are solar panels, and can my roof take that weight?

Solar panels weigh 5lbs per square foot. We have yet to meet a roof or trusses that couldn’t take that weight with ease. That said, we take safety and are focused on meeting the highest industry standards, our engineers make sure your roof has the capacity before the installation.

I live in Prince George and my friend in Abbotsford has the same requirements, their quote was cheaper and quicker to permit. Why?

One of the things we spend a lot of time on right now is advocating with UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities), Mayors and Council. Across BC every municipality has different permitting, regulatory requirements. Some jurisdictions are taking 6 months to approve a simple solar installation! We think BC should be working off a uniform process that takes a week, in an effort to make this so, we are working hard to create the framework and the network to allow UBCM to work with us on this.

You can see below that the price of the components (hard costs) of Solar have dramatically decreased. But the soft costs (electrician, engineer, permit, etc) remain unchanged and in some areas, have increased. To combat this we are advocating with Provincial leaders to find a way to cap these soft costs for homeowners in particular. Knowing that the soft costs are consistent no matter what size installation you choose to have, it’s a good idea to think bigger not smaller. Whether it’s a single panel or multiple, the electrician has the same amount of work to do.

PS: we randomly selected the Cities to use as examples! No offense meant to Prince George!

Hard costs have exponentially decreased.

If you want to know more about solar please check out About Solar


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