Did you know that Ontario produces 99% of Canada’s solar energy? BC has more sun than Germany who uses solar for 5.9% of its electricity generated, yet we aren’t even close to scratching the surface of possibilities.

By 2020 solar electricity will create 65,000 jobs, produce 1% of Canada’s electricity and DISPLACE 1.5 million tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions – the equivalent of taking 250,000 vehicles off the road.

Why isn’t BC onboard the Solar Power future?

We have identified some key NEEDS that will require Political willpower to fix.

RED TAPE – when it takes 6months to get a planning permit in Surrey, the fastest growing City arguable in Canada, you get an idea of just how badly we need to fix the policy and regulatory environment for Solar.

We produced this infographic which explains some of the issues we identified. Please share it with those who think as we do:

Solar energy is the smart choice to power Canada’s future!

Raj Gurm

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